Sep 16 2015

Atlas Titan Converting

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As converters in North America see continued growth, Atlas Titan Converting sees repeated demand for the SR9-DT!

The Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret rewinder continues to build upon the flexible and modular design first introduced with the Titan SR8 slitter – giving converters the flexibility to build a slitter rewinder suitable for current production, but also providing a simple and economic modular path to ensure future requirements can also be met with the same machine.

In the development of the Titan SR9 Series, Atlas focused its product development strategy on achieving significant reductions in machine downtime for printers & converters, with lower operator intervention and also reduction of costly waste materials – which all add up to outstanding gains in productivity and sustainability.

The concept of the Titan SR9 Series technology platform features three separate machine modules of unwind, slitter & rewind sections.  Innovative engineering design has led to application for three patents on the Titan SR9 Series, including the unique Turret Support Device (TSD) for faster turret rotation on the DT model.  Such advanced engineering design has led to significant improvements in the quality of slit reels and significant reductions in set-up procedures.

A newly designed Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section ensures the shortest and a constant web length between the knives and the rewind shafts for improved web control giving the highest possible side wall quality of rewind reels and also reducing the possibility of waste material.  Many other new features provide exceptional performance and productivity at running speeds of up to 3,300 ft/min. (1,000 m/min).  The SR9 Series is available in two widths – 65 and 88 ins (1650 and 2250 mm).

To maintain focus on its objectives for sustainability, the Titan SR9 Series has many features for achieving reductions in the cost of energy and of waste materials.  Elimination of all hydraulics helps to provide a cleaner environment and the use of high efficiency motors and regenerative braking enables a considerable reduction in energy consumption and makes the SR9 Series the most efficient slitting-rewinding solution in the Titan range.

Standard features:

  • SDC – Servo Driven Chucks – Driven unwind
  • DPU – Digital Positioned Unwind – No hydraulics
  • PPD1 Positive Positional Device – Knife positioning
  • Overhead web path – Clean environment
  • Unique turret sequence – Reduces cycle time

Unique features:

  • ORC – Optimum Roll Conditioning – Maintains high productivity
  • MSTv – Moving Splice Table – Ergonomic design
  • LTS – Linear Tracking Slitting section – Excellent reel quality
  • GKP2 – Guider Knife Positioning – Waste reduction
  • KPS3 – Knife Positioning Systems – Multiple options
  • RCC – Rewind Clamp Cut-off – Eliminates operator intervention
  • RSD2 – Rewind Stick Down – Eliminates operator intervention


Machine Specification

Technical Data

Web width 1650mm (65in)  2250mm (88in)
Max. unwind diam.
1100mm (43in)  1100 (43in)
1500mm (59in)  1500mm (59in)
Max. rewind diam.
700mm (28in)  700mm (28in)
850mm (33in)  850mm (33in)
Max. Speed 1000 m/min (3,300 ft/min)  700 m/min (2,3000 ft/min)
Min/max slit widths 20mm / 1100mm (0.80 / 43 in)  50mm / 1100mm (1.97 / 43 in)


Film BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, HDPE and LDPE, Plain, printed, coated or metallized from 10 to 200 micron
Laminates Various materials from 20 to 200 micron
Paper & Board Paper from 40 to 200 gsm


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