Sep 16 2015

Global market for high-barrier pouch packaging poised for almost 3 billion dollars by 2020!

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Sebastian Reisig reports in his latest Flexible Packaging Technology Newsletter that global high-barrier pouch packaging totaled approximately 49 billion units and consumed 319,000 tonnes of polymer materials in 2014. Consumption is forecast to grow during the period 2015–20 at a compounded annual growth rate of 6.1% to 69 billion units and a market value of almost USD 3.0 billion (2014 prices). This is according to a new market study by Smithers Pira,  respected  global authority of packaging, print and paper supply chains.


Catfood pouch

There has been an ongoing demand for better barrier materials for pouches as the “renaissance” of  stand up pouches continues to replace cans and jars on grocery store shelves worldwide, retort/non retort packaging becomes more demanding.


Demands are driven by  factors including:

* The ability to incorporate value-added features such as resealable zippers and sliders, spouts and handles.

* Technology improvements such as faster machinery speeds.

* Improvements in materials such as higher barrier film substrates and coatings with increased heat tolerance and strength.

This is why Modern Manufacturing Machinery has proven to be ahead of the curve.  For years, James Russel and his engineering staff have continually improved upon pouch making machines to meet these same demands that were obviously going to be needed.

Pouch machine edit

Available in both Pneumatic or Servo actuation, these machines offer features that put all other pouch machines in a class of “obsolete”. Moderns‘ thermal stability enhancements with variable watt density heating, offers total thermal stability  across the entire surface of the sealing heads, resulting in superior seals. In addition, a temperature rated expansion design has been built into every sealing head to ensure flatness and guaranteed seal quality.

Add to this the fact that MMS has the fastest changeover in the industry and you will see that this is not only a far superior pouch machine but also aligned perfectly with the issues points out Sebastian Reisig in his latest article.

If you are one of the many converters taking advantage of the stand up pouch market, it would be in your best interest to contact us at FlexoNetwork or contact Modern Machinery Services LLC directly. It will be a all that will serve you very well!

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