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FlexoNetwork LLC is proud to announce the addition of  GrafiKontrol to its growing network of principals!


As the preferred supplier to Uteco,  Grafikontrol is known and respected worldwide by major printing companies as the developer and producer of register control and auxiliary equipment for printing presses such as print defect detection and close loop density control.

Uncomplicated man/machine interfaces allow operators to easily pilot very sophisticated equipment, controlling increasingly complex presses. The result is timely and efficient correction to problems that normally occur during the printing process.

The final result for the printer is waste reduction, better print quality, high performance and reliability.As a worldwide leader, Grafikontrol has developed a reciprocal relationship with all its customers, providing us with the opportunity to improve the production process in the pressroom. Because of this unique professional relationship with our customers, we have been able to develop innovative solutions and, most important, to maintain a great view of market trends.

Grafikscan 2200

Print inspection and press control

  • GRAFIKSCAN 2200 is a system that ensures print quality control and minimizes substrate consumption during start-ups and production. Immediate identification of defects minimizes waste and guarantees the quality of production.
  • Dedicated software and algorithms allow excellent image reproduction. The implementation of specific features and tools provides the operator with a help to allow the operator to achieve high quality production.
  • 3CCD digital video camera has a resolution of 1.392 x 1.040 pixels (4,3 Megapixels) with field of view of 240 x 180 mm and is mounted on a motorized and presettable traverse. Optics with 16X magnification has a motorized and presettable zoom, focus and iris.
  • The lighting by white LED ensures a quality and a distribution of light which is free from image degradation even on metalized substrates. The life of this components is practically unlimited.
  • The entire print repeat is continuously inspected with resolution and speed set out by the operator.
  • It is possible to store up to 30 positions with different magnification, iris and focus settings to allow the operator to inspect critical areas in the image.
  • “SPLIT IMAGE” function allows the real time print image to be compared with the stored master on a single screen.
  • The Quick-Zoom function allows instantaneous detail magnification with the single push of a button.
  • The GRAFIKSCAN 2200 capabilities can be augmented by additional software and features (interactive register©, bar code verification, ? colour monitoring) to increase the control of printing.
  • The GRAFIKSCAN 2200 can be integrated with the 100% inspection system GRAFIKSCAN 3000.
  • The system is configured for remote support through a dedicated VPN connection.
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For more information, demonstration or evaluation of how easy it is to add GrafiKontrol to your printing operation, Please contact Derek Hewson

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