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Fast changeovers, minimal waste and operator ease continue demand for Modern Manufacturing Pouch Machines!

Fast changeovers, minimal waste and operator ease continue demand for Modern Manufacturing Pouch Machines!

Demand for fast change-over, minimal waste and operator ease puts MMS pouch machines in high demand!

Testimonial by Russell Smith (Heritage Packaging Inc.)

Heritage Packaging has purchased two specialty pouch making lines from Modern manufacturing.

When the founders of Modern Manufacturing Services, LLC decided to launch a pouch machine, they did so with a very specific idea in mind. Having the experience of more than 500 pouch machines under their belts, they had no shortage of operators to go to with a simple question: “What do you like, or dislike, about your existing pouch machines?”


 Modern Manufacturing answers with an all around “better” pouch machine!


The answers came with great enthusiasm as there were obvious struggles with many of the imported pouch machines.  A common thread was that there has always been the issue of set-ups.  It seemed as though most of the pouch machines were being manufactured with a propensity toward “one pouch”, which might be fine for someone with one customer that needs on type of pouch for one type of product.

It was found that in almost every case, difficulties would arise as soon as there needed to be a change of configuration or even a change in sealing dwell times on an existing configuration.  The fact that most of these imported machines have a “single servo interlinked, cam driven sealing section” means that the operator is, quite literally, “bolted down” to a fixed dwell time on all  sealing heads.  In addition, if there is a need for adjustment, the only “adjustment” is that of the individual sealing heads and their overhead “springs”..

Overhead Spring Loaded Sealing Head

Spring Loaded Sealing Head?!?!?!

Answers to wasted material and time

This means that if you need to adjust sealing head pressure on a given head, you will have to get out a spanner wrench or perhaps a Cresent  to “tweak the spring loaded sealing head on each side!??”.  In doing so, or making adjustments in this manner, how is an operator able to repeat that same setting in the future? The answer is with a lot of waste in material and time.

By going to a precision pneumatic or servo sealing head technology, Modern has successfully engineered a solution that not only simplifies adjusting head pressures with the “turn of a dial” but provides the ability to document specific settings in order for storage of repeatable job set-ups!

Zipper set-up simplified 

Another very significant area of improved set-up and functionality that has developed,  is that when running zipper pouches Modern was able to tie the seal heads and zipper guiding together to allow for easy side placement onto the film.

In fact, this placement gives the operator the ability to make adjustments even while the machine is running with the simple turn of a hand crank.

Other brand pouch machines can not be set-up this way, as they require individual alignment of the top and bottom sealing heads and zipper guide as well.  Imagine what an operator would have to go thru to move the zipper placement in the pouch by an 1/8 of an inch, requiring repeated stops of the machine to repeat the process.

There are far other features that are so well thought out that it leaves one thinking that the other manufacturers are obviously not thinking of short runs or changeovers, which are quickly becoming the norm for converters in the U.S..

The bottom line comes down to numbers:

50% Faster Set Up Times

25% Less Waste

Fast thru-put speeds

Durable and Long Operational Life

Becoming an industry standard

With more than 40 installations since their inception in 2009, Modern Manufacturing Services continues to provide additional machines to both new and existing customers.  A “fun fact” is that MMS does not have one single customer who has purchased any other brand pouch machine but theirs since going to MMS, though there are a few who had purchased other machines “prior”.

I personally was invited to visit one customer who had more than four MMS pouch machines but did have one other brand machine that was “inherited” by acquisition.  When I asked why it wasn’t running, the plant manager said, “Well,..its a decent machine but unless we are going to run more than 150,000 cycles, we loose money because of what’s involved in setting it up.”  He went on to add, “Once we started working with Modern, we were able to realize that we can actually set up very short runs for customers and still maintain a justifiable profit. We have run as little as 500 cycles on these (MMS) machines”.

So, the next time you are looking into either adding capacity for pouches, or perhaps looking into your first pouch machine, take the time to contact that folks at Modern Manufacturing Services.  They will not only be more than happy to help you in your decision but they have a whole “following” of customers available for you to visit.

To say looking at Modern Manufacturing Services would be in your absolute best interest is truly an understatement!

To contact Modern:

Phone: 585-289-4261











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