Oct 21 2015

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We are very excited about being chosen to represent the absolute best in the industry. Since 1967, Process Control Corporation has been supplying processors with a complete line of auxiliary equipment, including gravimetric blending, scrap recycling, material handling and extrusion control systems.

With an unending commitment to design and engineering of advanced auxiliary machinery for the plastics processing industry, Process Control Corporations strict goal is to provide the most accurate equipment available, backed by exceptional customer service and support. They continue to set the standard with the introduction of the:

Guardian 2

Guardian® Series 2

 The most consistent homogeneous blend of any batch type blender.

Standard features include:
B&R controls
Color touch-screen
Removable cartridge V-gate metering
Segmented material hoppers
Integral drain chute
A “No Dead Zone” mixing chamber

The Guardian® Series 2 gravimetric batch blender was developed for processors who want the simplicity of operation combined with the most accurate dispensing and superior blend homogeneity at a low cost. The outlet of each of the individual material hoppers is equipped with a fast acting V-gate valve. Each of the materials is dispensed sequentially into a common weighing hopper in the desired proportions. The weighed materials are then released into a separate mixing chamber which provides the most consistent homogeneous blend of any batch type blender.

A highly advanced metering and weighing system  accurately controls each ingredient of every batch to the desired amounts and is not averaged over multiple batches as is common in other batch blenders in the industry. At the blender’s highest accuracy setting, each ingredient can be dispensed to an accuracy of +/- 0.02%.

While other blenders have use a system that simply “makes up for discrepancies on the next batch”, the Guardian® Series 2 metering gates are controlled with one initial dispense cycle and then the balance of the requested weight amount is fine tuned by “short cycling” the gate. Every batch is exact, batch after batch!

Do it right the first time, every time!

We are currently sending out introduction letters to existing and potential Process Control Corporation Customers and look forward to being a valued technical sales and support asset to your operation.

Please feel free to contact FlexoNetwork LLC or Process Control Corporation directly to see just how helpful we can be!


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